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If you're a concerned parent of an adult child in the 20/30 age bracket, you are in the right place.
A Note to Parents of Adult Children in Their 20s and 30s

The 20s and
30s are both exciting and stressful. The stress comes from having to make many major decisions in a short period of time and wanting to make them without leaning on loved ones. For parents, interactions can be tricky. Dynamics have changed. How do you act when your child, who is now an adult?

A coach who works with this age group acts as a bridge to confident decision-making, increased productivity, and stress management. Coaching is a non-threatening, results-oriented planning partnership. Each session ends with the client agreeing to act on their goal. During the week, clients communicate with the coach via text or phone with an update on their progress. If the goal for the week isn't achieved, there's an opportunity to see what needs to change. 

Eleven skills are needed for success, whether personal or professional. Lacking one skill can be the reason someone isn't achieving their goals. Sometimes, it's a person's mindset or habits that need changing. Before coaching starts, I encourage my clients to take a free informal assessment. By the time coaching begins, I have an idea of what we need to focus on.

Besides attaining their goals, coachees have reported increased confidence, lower stress levels, improved communication, better time management, and overall life satisfaction. With the success in achieving their goals, clients can use the process to apply what they learned to new goals.

Coaching is affordable and fits easily into anyone's schedule. It can be done in person, by phone, or via Zoom. 

To learn more about coaching for your adult son or daughter, feel free to contact me at or 516-513-2908.
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