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Predict Your Success

Do you want to work smarter, not harder? The key to working smarter is developing a set of skills.

The eleven success skills

- support us in managing our lives and solving problems.

- help us to learn, work, perform our daily tasks, and sustain healthy personal relationships.

- enable us to be efficient and reach our goals.

Here are examples of how a weakness in a skill prevents us from reaching our potential.

John is bright, talented, and creative. He enthusiastically starts on one project after another. Although he begins with high energy and good intentions, he quickly loses steam and doesn’t follow through. John lacks goal-directed persistence.

Ellen and Bill love each other but argue a lot. Conversations start calmly but soon escalate into heated discussions or a total breakdown in communication. Nothing ever seems to get resolved. Ellen is overly sensitive and anxious. She lacks emotional control. Bill is rigid and closed-minded. He lacks flexibility.

Pat works harder and longer than her fellow employees. Her life can be summed up in one phrase – non-stop frustration. Getting up late sets the scene for a bad start. She hurries through her morning routines, scrambles to find something appropriate to wear, and then begins the search. (Where’s my wallet? / Did I leave the phone at the restaurant or in my car? / Oh, no! It’s raining. What happened to my umbrella?) Life will only get worse unless Pat receives help with the challenges she has in the areas of organization, awareness, and time management.

Imagine how improving executive functioning would make life go more smoothly for John, Ellen, Bill, and Pat. Are you curious about your strengths and weaknesses concerning the essential eleven skills?

Access your Predictors of Success Checklist

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