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20s / 30s COACHING 

Happy and successful  20/30 Somethings
A Note to Those of You in Your 20s and 30s

These years matter! What you do or fail to do will have major ramifications throughout your life. You are probably making a myriad of difficult choices. You may be deconstructing parts of your former life while creating new relationships and taking on more responsibilities. You may be in the process of overcoming something from your past. You may have great ideas and are trying to figure out how to implement them.

It's been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. On the other hand, managing your time, money, interactions and opportunities can greatly enhance your long-term finances, health, relationships, and happiness.

Do you relate to any of these concerns that others have?
- Not feeling fulfilled
- Not living your values
- Lacking confidence 
- Feeling ambivalent or stuck 
- Knowing the change you want but not knowing how to make the change
- Feeling lonely
- Knowing it's time to take on more responsibility but not knowing where to start
- Feeling overwhelmed but afraid to speak up

If you'd like to explore any of the concerns listed or one of your own, let's talk. You will not be pressured into signing up for coaching. During the call, you will get help in deciding what your next step is to reach your goal.

Knowing the next right-size step to take is the beginning of the journey to the life you want. That decision can positively impact both your present life and your future.

Do you want clarity on how to move forward?

Let's brainstorm. By the end of the call,

you will know your next step.

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