What is coaching?


Life coaching is a results-orientated alliance between a coach and an individual who wants to make positive change. The coach is a trained communicator who guides the client to discover strategies and inner and outer resources to reach their goals more efficiently and with less stress. 


What’s the difference between a therapist, mentor, and coach?


  • A therapist treats difficult emotional issues and mental disorders.

  • A mentor models career-related skills and provides information, resources, and support.

  • A coach partners with emotionally healthy individuals for the achievement of their goals. The three ingredients for coaching success are awareness, accountability, and action.


With so many coaches, how do I know which one is right for me?


  • Decide what you want from coaching – help with relationships, career, finances, productivity, wellness, starting a business, or something else. Search for coaches under that category.

  • Talk briefly with a few coaches.

  • Then arrange for a longer conversation with those who stand out.  

  • To see if you are a good match for each other, ask about their training, experiences, coaching style, and fees. Also, request to see testimonials.

  • If you find a coach you want to work with and you’re ready to start, schedule the first session.


How does coaching fit into a busy schedule?


            Your sessions can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. You and the coach communicate by email, phone, or text in between sessions. As you progress toward your goals, you’ll probably find you are more energized and productive and have more time. 


Is coaching expensive?


            While high-profile coaches can be very expensive, many well-trained, experienced coaches offer services in their area of expertise at affordable prices. You can arrange for short-term coaching or sign up for a video course that includes communication with the coach to keep costs low.


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