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"Failure to Launch":

Focus on Empowerment
A Note to Concerned Parents of Adult Children in Their 20s

The 20s bring both excitement and stress. The anxiety arises from leaving parts of a former life behind and creating a new one. Managing relationships, building a career, and concerns over finances can be overwhelming. So many major decisions and changes in a short period of time!

"Failure to launch" is the term for the delay in a young adult's achieving independence. Adulting isn't easy, but it's necessary. The way to transition from dependency to independence is through empowerment. There's a network of people ready to facilitate your adult child's transition to responsible living. Colleagues, employers, wellness professionals, financial experts, teachers, role models, mentors, and coaches can be positive influences.

Coaches help clients abandon their limiting beliefs, develop executive functioning skills, and take steps to reach their goals. A personal coach acts as a bridge to help transition clients to where they want to be. Coaching focuses on the individuals' strengths, values, and aspirations. It is a non-threatening process that is positive, forward-looking, and results-oriented. The coach takes on the roles of listener, sounding bound, questioner, clarifier, goal-setting/planning partner, and accountability buddy. 


Letter cubes rising spelling FUTURE

Besides attaining their goals, coachees have reported increased confidence, lower stress levels, improved communication, better time management, and overall life satisfaction. With success in achieving a goal, clients can use the process to apply what they learned to attain new goals.

Coaching is affordable and fits easily into anyone's schedule. It can be done in person, by phone, or via Zoom. 

To learn more about coaching for your adult son or daughter, feel free to contact me at or 516-513-2908 (M).

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