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Executive Functioning and ADHD Coaching

Essential 11 Skills - Live Smarter
- Task Initiation
- Organization
- Awareness
- Time Management
- Self-Control
- Emotional Control
- Sustained Attention
- Prioritization & Planning
- Goal-Directed Persistence
- Working Memory
- Flexibility
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Take the survey of executive functioning skills
(the essential 11 skills)

Coaching Will Helps You to:
  • Understand Executive Functioning

  • Reduce the stress and frustration that accompanies the condition

  • Identify which of the 11 skills needs to be developed

  • Create a weekly plan that includes right-size steps that help you advance with confidence

  • Select and use the tools, systems, and structures that enable you work smarter, not harder

  • Build an optimistic, forward looking results-oriented attitude

  • Take time to celebrate each success

  • Develop strategies to increase productivity

  • Learn habits that will impact your life satisfaction



  • Choice of Quick Start (Complete pre-coaching questionnaire before meeting with coach) or exploratory interview with coach

  • Assessment of productivity skills

  • Choice of video chat, phone or in person coaching

  • Coaching according to the style you prefer (gentle, frank, somewhere in between)

  • Customized session schedule – You set the number and length of sessions and amount of in-between sessions support (text or email)

  • Awareness, accountability and action model for attaining goals



Introduction to coaching call | Free

Price of other sessions is determined by options chosen.

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