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Executive Functioning and ADHD Coaching

What Are the Executive Functioning Skills?

Referred to as the "predictors of success, these eleven skills are necessary to achieve our professional and personal goals. They play a vital role in effectively managing our daily lives, achieving goals, and enriching the quality of our relationships.

Individuals with ADHD find themselves challenged by five or more of the skills. Executive function coaching strengthens the skills and provides structures, strategies, and supports that pave the path to success.

View this video to learn more about executive functioning.

Improve Your Executive Functioning
Improve Your Life

Essential 11 Skills - Live Smarter
- Task Initiation
- Organization
- Awareness
- Time Management
- Self-Control
- Emotional Control
- Sustained Attention
- Prioritization & Planning
- Goal-Directed Persistence
- Working Memory
- Flexibility
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Take the survey of executive functioning skills
(the essential 11 skills).

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