I realized I needed to stop being a fixer. Through coaching, I developed insight into the steps to take to reach this goal. I modeled the behavior that I expected, gave clear guidelines, and set firm boundaries. I now have time to do my work without feeling overwhelmed by tasks that are the responsibilities of others.

No Longer A Fixer

Elizabeth R. - Supervisor at a NY Social Agency.

Irene helped me create new habits, like a consistent sleep pattern and a morning routine. She guided me as I looked for a job that matched my interest in technology. When I got the job, I was prepared and easily adjusted to the schedule and my new responsibilities.

Seeking job that matched interests and skillset

Justin, New York

I came to coaching to be more consistent and disciplined in achieving my goals. Irene helped me to pace myself. Now I’ll use the same step-by-step process and make faster progress.

Long-term Goals

Nick, client working on building a business

At a time when I felt like I had too many options and goals but no idea which one I would pursue, Irene helped me find direction. Her coaching method guided me to create a better structure in my thinking approach. It was easy to work with Irene, as I felt like she was both personable and organized during our sessions. Through Irene's coaching, I discovered a new definition of confidence within myself, something which was not overconfidence but rather a more realistic view that gives clarity to what my strengths and weaknesses are. I was able to move forward, ready and excited to face the challenges ahead of me. I am very glad I was able to work with Irene, and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Confidence and Clarity

Miguel, Texas

Irene is a great listener who provides a supportive environment. She helped me to develop plans and prioritize in a way that matched the reality of my life circumstances. As I made progress she helped me learn from and be aware of the changes I was making. I felt more confident about moving forward with my goals by the end of our sessions. 

Moving forward after hurricane

D.C., Client in Florida

Irene was very adaptable and provided the space that I needed to stop and think things through before moving forward. She was always curious and soft in her approach. She would follow up with emails after our sessions. She was concise and provided support, insight and action plan assistance in a very short time. It was very helpful to have that support to either confirm an idea or shift it with a different perspective that was better or more effective.  I also created some boundaries around work/life balance and also boundaries around my business and myself.

Launching a business

L.R., Miami client

Irene is a wonderful listener and an excellent "thinking partner". She has a warm, yet direct style that helps one quickly identify issues and think creatively about solutions. Throughout our six sessions, she paced extremely well with me and did a fantastic job of connecting all of the dots.

Taking on additional professional responsibilities

L.L. - Client from Florida

I was looking for a life coach to help me with my life and career. I was not accomplishing anything and wasting so much time. Hence, my last resort was to hire a life coach. Irene’s thought-provoking questions opened my mind so I could succeed. She offered excellent tactics and ideas to help me. My self-confidence shot up.


Irene is very intuitive and working with her changed my life at a critical time. So many life coaches are available. I am the fortunate to have found Irene. She saved me so much time and money. My career and life are fantastic and fun! I only wish I had found Irene sooner.

Productivity coaching

Lucy from North Carolina

Coaching is helpful to speak out ideas and have someone give you real understanding of what you want and need in your life.

Coaching during internship

College student from NY

Irene’s coaching provided our son with helpful cues to stay on task and organized. We really appreciated her commitment and caring for our son.

Time management / Organization

Jerry and Sally - Parents of New York coachee

Irene Caniano is the BEST life coach ever!

Focus and Confidence

Facebook post by client who attained his engineering internship

My working with Irene proved to be a reflective, powerful experience. Her coaching presence was supportive, clear, and thought provoking. There were shifts in my insight as to how I want progress with my business. 

Clarity / Decision making

L.H. - New York client

Irene helped me to stay on track, encouraged me to seek extra help and is promoting better time management skills. Ultimately, this is helping me to break away from the AD/HD cycle of inattention.

Help in dealing with AD/HD

New York college graduate transitioning to work

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