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Irene Caniano |  Productivity Coach for Ages 20s & 30s

Irene Caniano

The decision to become a life coach started with my experiences as a mother and teacher. My intelligent, creative, talented son and some of my capable former students experienced difficulties transitioning to their independent lives. I wanted to support individuals like them, so I studied executive functioning and general life coaching.

A strange thing happened during my training! I realized that we all are held back by a lack of awareness, unhelpful assumptions, and self-doubt. The coaching experience helped me see my life from a new perspective at an age when I felt I was set in my ways. Learning life coaching principles changed my life!

Who I Am

I am a caring catalyst who partners with individuals

so they can use powerful principles and strategies

to live the life they deserve.


My Goal

To support others so they can be successful and happy.


Coaching results in clarity, increased focus, improved performance, better decision-making skills, and enriched relationships. Armed with a set of strategies and the right mindset, individuals can overcome challenges and confidently move out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals. 

I specialize in the areas of productivity, transitioning, and happiness. I offer various ways to gain the benefits of coaching - the QuickStart five-session package,  long-term coaching, ADHD coaching, and the Your Best Self video course. 

My background includes twenty-plus years as a teacher, degrees in sociology and education, and extensive life coaching training. I am a member of the International Coach Federation and serve on the board of Nassau CHADD. My volunteer work includes handling media relations for the Floral Park Lions and mentoring at Elmer A. Sperry Toastmasters. In 2016, I published the book Design Your Happiness - 9 Essential Elements to Create the Life You Want.


Feel free to contact me to share your thoughts, ask questions, or just talk.


To your success and happiness,


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