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11 Essential Skills

              Executive Functioning
           The Predictor of Success

Take a look at the diagram. Each skill impacts your professional or personal life. Let’s say you have a weakness is in goal-directed persistence. This deficiency will be an obstacle to success no matter how many great ideas you have or how good your intentions are.


Most of us have difficulties in at least one area. A short-temper or a habit of worrying is related to emotional control. Individuals who overeat or are reckless lack self-control. Constantly losing things can be a sign of poor organization or weaknesses in short-term memory. 

Those with AD/HD and other executive functioning conditions may struggle with five or more of the skills. 


Coaching helps in the development of new strategies, unlocks a person's potential, and improves relationships. These eleven essential skills enable individuals to feel in control of their daily lives, resulting in less stress and more happiness.


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