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Understanding the Coaching Partnership and Process

Are you wondering how a coaching relationship differs from other kinds of interactions? Here's a brief explanation. The roles of the coach and client are unique. The coach is a trained non-judgmental listener. The focus is entirely on the client's goal. During the session, the client does much of the talking. The coach's value is in asking compelling questions. The questions help the client to explore obstacles and to think of possibilities. After that, it's time to plan the "right size next step" for achieving the goal. If needed, additional resources may be put into place to ensure success. The process is forward-looking and positive. Between sessions, the client can text the coach with an update or ask a question. A fundamental principle in coaching is that every response we have, whether in our thinking, actions, or failure to act, brings a result. Through coaching, individuals become intentional in their thoughts and actions. In this way, they build the lives they desire.

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