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Partnering fo Positive Change

Mildred Tassone, podcaster of "Welcome to The Neighborhood", moderated a lively panel discussion on personal coaching. Five of us certified coaches from the Long Island Chapter of the International Coach Federation were her guests. During the program, we explained the differences between coaching and therapy, discussed the benefits of coaching and showed how the coaching process works.

While the five of us all adhere to the ICF Core Competencies and standards, each of us coaches for very particular situations. On the podcast, we explained our different areas of expertise. Maribeth Kraus works with women from 40-60 as they seek to overcome roadblocks in their careers, businesses, and lives. Marc Miller assists individuals who are going through a divorce so they can manage their emotions and clarify their thinking as they move on to their single lives. Lois Cooper helps individuals and corporations increase engagement and improve understanding through diversity training. Joshua Lisssauer facilitates the creation of a quality personal brand for his clients so they can have flourishing careers. I help Millennials develop the skills and mindset to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

To hear the podcast or message one of the coaches -

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