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The Importance of Remote Work Wellness

Working remotely might seem like a breeze, but if you've ever been behind your desk – at home – for extended periods of time, you know that it can feel a little lonely and uninspiring sometimes. Unfortunately, this can impact the way you approach work, as well as the way you look after yourself while working from home. But before we get too depressed, here are tips from Caniano Coaching on ensuring you are working at home happily and healthily.

Stick to time zones.

Working from home doesn't necessarily mean working day in and day out without doing anything exciting or out of the norm. Moreover, there comes a certain flexibility with remote work that is seldom found when working in an office. What this means is that you have the extra bit of time in the day that you would have spent commuting or chatting with co-workers at tea time to do something that refreshes you for the day ahead. Also, to do this, you must stick within the allocated time zones. This may mean starting work at eight in the morning on the dot after going for a quick morning jog.

Make your home office separate and presentable.

Creating an area that is set apart from your home life makes it easier to clock off when the day is done. Creating a space that is neat, tidy, and organized should also help alleviate some of the mental stress associated with working in and amidst clutter and disorganization.

Focus on your health.

Working from home means the temptation of having all those conveniences nearby; this can be disastrous for one's physical and mental health if you let your diet and exercise slide. Hence, the importance of making sure that you are diligent about eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Look for a new job – or invent your own.

If your current remote job is more taxing than rewarding, then it is perfectly acceptable to start searching for a new position sooner rather than later. Before you do that, concentrate on revamping your CV so that it looks amazing when a prospective employer does come across it. For this, you can use a template for a CV that can be found online. All you have to do is add in the necessary info and then make it look as attractive as possible by adding colors, images, and photos of your choice.

Alternatively, you could always start your own business if you're tired of taking orders. You’ll need to choose a business structure first. A limited liability company is a common choice because of the legal protections and tax benefits. You can set it up yourself, or better yet, enlist the help of a formation service that’s already used to working with New York LLC regulations and can get you set up in just a few minutes.

Stay healthy.

Of course, life is often made much easier when you have resources to rely on. When it comes to your health and wellness, plenty of products and equipment will enable you to adapt your diet and exercise (even if it's within the comfort of your own home) accordingly. Juice blenders are an example of kitchen equipment you must have in your kitchen if you want to top up on a quick healthy fruit smoothie. As for exercise, basic gym equipment such as dumbbells and a Bosu Ball should give you all the workout you need without having to step into the gym.

And there you have it, a complete guide to working remotely that's also healthy for you. This means you have no excuses not to make the most of your situation. Or step out of your comfort zone, if push comes to shove, and try something new career-wise.

If you’re looking for a life coach with the experience and compassion to help you get back on track, contact Caniano Coaching at 516-513-2908.

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