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About Me.

Get your smile back with Half Day Coaching. Gain Clarity Reduce Stress.jpg
   Treat yourself to the ultimate Me-Time. Gain awareness of your priorities. Start cleaning out your life closet by eliminating what's not working and adding what works. Explore new options and learn the system to create the changes you desire.  

   You'll leave the session with resources to continue the journey to the life you deserve. After you've had the chance to implement the changes, we can touch base again to see if you want to make tweaks to your original plan. 

The Half-Day Coaching Experience includes:
- Introductory Call 
- Pre-session life satisfaction questionnaire and productivity survey

- 3-hour session - Zoom, phone, or in-person* 
- A follow-up call and the option of emailing after the call 
- Bonus Videos - A More Confident You
- Resources and Tips (Happiness and Productivity)
- Copy of Design Your Happiness: 9 Essential Elements to Create the Life You Want

Total Cost
 $400.00 Virtual
 $500.00 In-person - Limited Locations

Call or Text



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