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Coaching | Unlock Your Potential Program

Awareness + An Empowering Mindset + Action = Results


All positive change starts with awareness. Through the use of easy to complete assessments, the discovery interview, and follow-up sessions, you’re set to make progress on your goals. Texting support available in between sessions.


Excellent for: 

  • Awareness building

  • Times of transitions

  • Personal growth

  • Getting unstuck

The Unlock Your Potential Program includes: assessments, e-mail support and three phone sessions.



Reflection / Informal Assessments

~ Reflections on strengths, values and past accomplishments

~ Life Satisfaction Inventory

~ Self-Assessment of 11 Life Skills Needed for Productivity and Fulfillment

~ Checklist of Personalized Productivity Resources

Discovery Interview - Initial phone session

~ Discussion of Short and Long-term Goals and Challenges


Goal Setting Survey

~ Setting of primary goals

~ Choosing resources and supports

~ First steps and timetable

~ Accountability plan

~ Action plan

Email and phone support

Cost - $399



Money Back Guarantee
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