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The Coaching Partnership

Let's imagine you and I are in a coaching partnership. I, the coach, and you, the coachee, are equal participants. Here's what it's like. Coaching is client-centered. You set the agenda and give input in designing the coaching relationship. You are actively involved in setting the direction and making plans to act on.

You may be asking, "What's the coach's role?" My role is to be a confidential sounding board. I gather insight into the topic and ask well-timed, relevant, powerful questions. As a certified coach, I am a trained communicator. I listen beyond the words, interact with you, and encourage you to see new possibilities. The results are your discovering strengths, overcoming fears, and carefully planning for positive change.

The time between sessions is very important. During this period, you implement the week's plan. As your coach, I contact you to affirm that things are on track or to adjust the plan if needed. I will send inspirational/motivating messages if you like. The three A's of coaching are awareness, accountability, and action. With these, you make faster progress and move toward goals more efficiently.

Clients often notice that other areas of their life are affected by coaching. For example, if you came to became more satisfied at work, you may also feel less stressed at home. Your financial situation might even improve as you advance in your job.

To learn more about coaching, feel free to contact me.

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