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Achieve Your Goals With Less Stress

Saying is not doing.

Deciding is not achieving.

Good intentions don't always lead to the expected outcome.

Success is easily derailed when you go it alone. Failure can be the result of lack of discipline, clarity, insight, preparation or confidence. Resources are often overlooked. Action steps can be too big or too small to keep up the motivation. Unhelpful emotions get in the way. Frustration, procrastination or insufficient support can also cause you to give up on even the most desired goals. Probably the biggest obstacle is that we all have blind spots that sabotage our success, even though we are expending lots of effort and time trying to achieve what we value.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

- Tony Robbins

Tips on Pursuing Your Goals

These seven tips can increase your chances for success.

1. Make sure you are really committed to your goal. A goal is not a wish. It's a plan that you are willing to work on, despite fear, inconvenience or setbacks.

2. Set yourself up for success. Use your strengths and find resources to help you.

3. Create a SMARTER goal.

4. Work backwards to set a timeline for your actions.

5. Involve others who can keep you motivated.

6. Acknowledge your progress and celebrate each small success.

7. Interview a few coaches to find out if you want to use coaching as a tool to reach your goal more efficiently.

Faster Progress and Reduced Stress

When you work with a result-oriented coach, you can advance to your goal more efficiently and with less stress. Before you start on your goal, the coach gets an understanding of your strengths, your ways of thinking, your preferences and your limiting beliefs. This sets the framework for providing motivation, addressing obstacles and pacing the action steps.

Your coach will take on the roles of sounding board, cheerleader, non-judgmental partner and accountability buddy. She can provide a different perspective that will help you find forward-looking options to facilitate your plan.

Coaching does more than you get the results you came for. By the end of the sessions, you'll also have learned a lot about yourself and the process of how to achieve future goals.

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