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Experiencing Coaching During Coaching Week

Long Island's Chapter of the International Coach Federation hosted two exciting events during Coaching Week 2018. Our first event was a panel discussion at the Hillside Library by five coaches with different areas of expertise. I was the moderator. The coaches were: Maribeth Kraus, a women's transition career coach, Joshua Lissauer, a personal branding coach, Lois Cooper, a prosperity coach, and Marc Miller and John Little who are both executive leadership coaches. Marc is also a certified divorce coach. The audience members provided interesting questions and shared their personal interest in having a coach,

Coaches playing our version of the Newlywed Game before the panel discussion.

The second event was a speed coaching/networking meeting at the Urban League. The five coaches and I each had a private area to conduct speed coaching sessions. Each coach provided a 1:1 focused, confidential, goal-oriented conversation using ICF's structure. Those who were coached were very satisfied with their first experience with coaching. In fact, one person asked when we coaches were coming back to offer more sessions.

Here are links to related podcasts.

Coaching Panel Discussion at Hillside Library Podcast and Coaching Week at the Urban League -

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