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What’s in Your Life Closet?

Imagine you are looking into your closet. You decide to sort your clothes so that only the items that work for you remain. Out go the styles you don’t like anymore. Out go the gifts that you’ll never use. Out go the pants that are too loose and the shoes that are too tight. You pack up the unwanted items and donate them to Goodwill. Next, you pick up a few new items to coordinate with your newly organized wardrobe. Now your closet contains updated clothing choices that match your current preferences. When you get dressed, you’ll look and feel your best. Our life closet needs our attention, too.

Any time is a great time for sorting out your life.

You’ll hold on to helpful thoughts and behaviors. You’ll keep the “gifts” of advice, standards, and traditions that you want. You’ll let go of whatever isn’t working anymore. Then you’ll add your personal style. Your choices will fit in with your plans and give you a sense of peace and hope.

Building Awareness of Your Life Closet

The chart can be used to build awareness of what you want to keep and what you need to add or change. By gaining clarity, you begin the process of deciding what’s best for you.

Take the first step in sorting your life closet. By booking your complimentary session, you can get energized and plan your strategy.

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